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Sold for: €14000

Straight to the origins of breeding success! Mother l'Arcotique may have jumped at the 140 level herself, but she certainly comes from no strangers. Her brothers and sisters are known for their success in the sport, bearing names like Iron Lady van 't Meulenhof, Darcotique van 't Meulenhof, Jenson van 't Meulenhof, L'Etoile van 't Meulenhof, Maxima T, and full sister Peperoni van 't Meulenhof. Despite being a relatively young branch of the Qerly Chin lineage, it has proven its added value multiple times. Recent success came for Private Dancer at the 7-year-old Championship in Lier last year.

Mother Narcotique, in turn, carries the Quidam de Revel genes and is a direct descendant of Qerly Chin. Qerly Chin, the Chin Chin mare who performed at the highest level herself and has built an even more impressive dam line. Her descendants are widespread around the world, and some of them include Merveille de Muze, Narcotique I & IV de Muze, Walnut de Muze, Boyante de Muze, Estoy Aqui de Muze, Go Easy de Muze, Heroine de Muze, Levis de Muze, Giovanni de la Pomme, Ensor de Litrange, Walloon de Muze, Kasanova de la Pomme, Toupie de la Roque, and many others!

It is, therefore, advisable to take a look at the Hippomundo pedigree. There are many certainties in life, and this dam line certainly belongs to them! 

The carrier mares are checked for pregnancy at moment of auction. 

Insurance of the embryos is possible by our partner David Ashby Europe - 


https://ashbyunderwriting.com/sports-horses-insurance/  - contact Heidi Roberts (email: hroberts@ogbroking.com – Whatsapp: + 44 7732 691778)


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25-02-2024 (Birth date)

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