Proven kashmir x 160 World Cup mare

Kashmir van Schuttershof x Calido I ( Calandra )

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Kashmir van Schuttershof

Nabab de Reve Quidam de Revel Jalisco B
Melodie en Fa Artichaut
Fines van Kameren Tenor Manciais Grand Veneur
Golden Comet
Gotha Furioso II


Calido I Cantus Caletto I
Baroness VII Coriander
Franca I Lord Calando Lord
Vabima Cabinett I

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Is there more to be said about the former Olympic champion sire, Kashmir van t schuttershof? He was the producer of the Swedish team with H&M All-in and H&m Indiana. They succeeded during the Olympics but also during the World Championships in Herning the year later. Kashmir inherent is quality from Nabab, ridden by Philippe Lejeune. Who was on the otherside also site to world champion Vigo d'arsouilles and Olympic silver winner London with Gerco Schröder.

Looking back on the maternal side, we encounter Calandra. This Calido I mare leaped to a 3rd place in the World Cup in Athens, Greece. One of her eldest offspring is Papillon d'Amour, currently performing at the 145 level. When we delve into Calandra's siblings, we come across La Petite Lolita, a mare successful at the highest eventing level. The most notable cousins of the mother of this exceptional embryo include the proven stallion Casallo Z. This chestnut stallion jumped at the highest level under the Italian rider Piergorgio Bucci. Additionally, his half-brother, Zandro Z, reached the 150 level. Singulon is also part of this family, a multiple 150 winner in the United States. Further up in this family, we find several 160 jumpers: Artist 172 (Andreas Brenner), Asgaard (Maximilian Ziegler), Cajou 16 (Maximilian Ziegler), and Claire 44 (Markus Renzel). 

The carrier mares are checked for pregnancy at moment of auction. 

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07-06-2024 (Birth date) 5,5% (VAT) France - Plozevet (Location)

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