Kasanova combined with Jeleena de Muze

Kasanova de la Pomme x Gino H ( G-Shock de l'Amitie Z )

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Kasanova de la Pomme

Bamako de Muze Darco Lugano van la Roche
Frangace de Chalus Jalisco B
Everlychin de la Pomme Malito de Reve Cumano
Dira Courcelle
Werly Chin de Muze Nabab de Reve
Qerly Chin

G-Shock de l'Amitie Z

Gino H Calvino Z Calvin Z
Jomara Ekstein
Morfine de Muze Elvis ter Putte Diamant de Semilly
Ukase ter Putte
Jeleena de Muze Tornedo FCS
Eureka van't Roosakker

Sold for: €8000

NAME:         Kwik Shock de L'Amitié Z
SEX:             Filly

BORN:         24/4/2024

COLOR:       Brown

Kasanova combined with Jeleena de Muze

First and foremost, her sire is a genuine star in the highest levels of show jumping. He has been a pillar of the Belgian team over the years, consistently demonstrating his top-tier performance. Ascending further up her maternal lineage, we find a collection of renowned and outstanding sires. The dam's sire is a half-brother to the legendary Hickstead, while the second dam, Morfine de Muze, is a direct descendant of the silver medalist at the World Championships for 7-year-olds in Lanaken, Jeleena de Muze.

Not only did Jeleena excel in sport, but her progeny have surpassed even her accomplishments! One of the eldest offspring, Qnokke de Muze, secured silver at the Belgian Championship for 7-year-olds in Lier, ridden by Olivier Philippaerts. Furthermore, Morfine also produced the Belgian champion 4-year-old, Perfect Edition de Muze, and her 4-year-old son, Kept Secret de l’Amite, has become a standout in the stallion competitions.

Continuing up the maternal line, Jeleena has produced five top sport horses, the most renowned being the 1.65m jumper Malibu de Muze. The latest rising stars include Ellabelle de Rie Z, Eden Jeleena DR Z, and Eau de Vie Jeleene DR Z, all sired by Elvis ter Putte. This maternal line traces back to Eureka van 't Roosakker.

For those interested in a more detailed account of Kwik Shock's pedigree, a thorough examination of the Hipomundo pedigree is highly recommended.

This exceptional filly promises a bright future in the world of show jumping, backed by an impressive lineage of champions.

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24-04-2024 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Belgium - Geetbets (Location)

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