Semper fi

Untouchable x Calvaro Z ( Calvana S Z )

Sold to: Netherlands


Hors la Loi III Papillon Rouge Jalisco B
Ariane du Plessis II Joyau d'Or A
Promesse Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Chablis Carthago

Calvana S Z

Calvaro Z Coletto I Cor de la Bryere
Rixa Capitol I
Azurette xx Balkan Prince xx King of Macedon xx
Hone xx
La Diva xx Margouillat xx
Foreign Accent xx

Born: 10-05-2018 - Sex:Stallion

Bold and Beautiful

Famous French sire Untouchable mixes the very best of the Holsteiner, French and Dutch blood and is directly coming from Heartbreaker. Several descents are international jumping horses like Carona (1m60 Kara Chad) and Big Brother (Grand Prix jumping with rene Lopez). Also Be Touchable  with Isabelle Taylor is running CIC3* and won in 2018 Bramham (GBR), 2e at Gatcombe park and 3rd at Jardy (FR).

Mother Calvana SZ  has perfomed on CICC2* and is a daughter of famous sire Calvaro Z. This dam gave also 3* horses in eventing. Mother Calvana SZ is a proven sportsmare with more than 60% thoroughbred but never too hot to handle.

All foals have passed a vet check and were approved healthy by Dr. De Kroon Liesbeth and Dr. Van Der Laar Frank and by the auction board. For reports and more information:  

Vet. De Kroon Liesbet (+31 6 20 36 08 87)
Vet. Van Der Laar Frank (+31 
4 13 47 26 50)
Rene van der Leest (+31 653 16 08 28 -

10-05-2018 (Birth date) NO VAT (VAT) Belgium - Diepenbeek (Location)

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