Skippy S.V.

Kaiser van het Lambroeck x Cassini II ( Himara van ter Hulst )

Sold to: Finland

Kaiser van het Lambroeck

Nabab de Reve Quidam de Revel Jalisco B
Melodie en Fa Artichaut
Florette van het Lambroeck For Pleasure Furioso II
Allouette vh Lambroeck Baloubet du Rouet
Ulrike van het Lambroeck

Himara van ter Hulst

Cassini II Capitol I Capitano
Wisma Caletto II
Quinta Concorde Voltaire
Ialmee Nativio xx

SEX:               Gelding

BORN:           2018     

SIZE:              172


If you wish for all the scope


Skippy is a big and nice gelded horse with the correct walk, trot and canter movements. During the jumping selection, you could immediately see the amount of scope he has! And this is no surprise, he inhered it from Quidam. Quidam was known for his endless amount of scope, no doubt we will see Skippy back for the future! 



By the Nabab-son, Kaiser vh Lambroeck out of a Cassini II mare named Quinta  


Dam line

Does the Nabab offspring do need any more introduction? Kaiser himself performed on the 155 level with Cassio Rivetti after being sold to the United States. This Nabab-son is out of Florette vh Lambroeck (by For Pleasure), she jumped on the 160 level with Edwina Tops Alexander. Kaiser is a halfbrother to another 160 jumper, Itchy vh Lambroek, who did the GCT levels with Abdel Said. 2nd dam sire is Cassini II, the Capitol I son has earned his stripes early in sport and now in breeding as being known from Monaco (Harrie Smolders), Lord Of Arabia (John Whitacker). Further on this dam line we’ll find Nativio and Almé. 

Out of this line you can find the 140 jumpers Horatio van ter hulst and Donata van ter Hulst.

All horses have passed an extended vet check (clinical/X-rays) and were approved by Dr. Wouter Dierickx and by the auction board. For reports/findings/X-rays and more information:  


Vet. Wouter Dierickx (+32 478 60 92 07 -

Valentijn De Brabander (+32 478 26 49 98 -

Christophe De Brabander (+32 486 21 90 31 -

Tim Reygaerts (+32 473 46 24 28 -

Tim Van Den Broeck (+32 474 51 82 32 - 

07-05-2018 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Belgium - Meerhout (Location)

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