Bamako and probably one of worlds best damlines

Bamako de Muze x Quick Star ( Anita du Park )

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Bamako de Muze

Darco Lugano van la Roche Lugano van la Roche
Ocoucha Codex
Fragance de Chalus Jalisco B Alme Z
Nifrane Fury de la Cense

Anita du Park

Quick Star Galoubet A Alme Z
Stella Nithard
Rita du Park Kannan Voltaire
Quinine de Livoye Ukase
Manola de Livoye

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Dam of this embryo is Anita Du Park. The only 10-year-old mare jumps up to a 3*-145 level Max Sebrechts. Anita herself is bred by Quick Star out of Rita du Park, the Kannan daughter. Rita is full sister to Rosana du park, overall winning mare of the Canadian rider Eric Lamaze who jumped up to a 160 level. Together they succeeded in a countless amount of victories all over the world! And there is more… half-sister to Rita is Tisele du Park (Emily Moffit), Rocker Du park (Lorenzo Toscano), Niac du park (Roberto Teran), Diabolo du Park (Ludger Beerbaum) are close related to granddam Rita! They all performed strongly on a 160 level. More to find in this outstanding damline are Rosaline du Park (Kannan), Anastasia du Park (Tinka’s Boy), Top Star du park (Lando) and Viabolo du Park (Quidam de Revel). All these outstanding genetics are combined with a stallion out of world’s best damline! Bamako De Muze, the Darco son out of Fragance De Chalus. Who is also dam to Mylord Carthago, the impressive grey stallion who is working on his way up on to the WBFSH ranking and currently ranked 10th! Bamako his offspring is showing quality and are performing on a constant level up to 160! Some of his offspring: Bellissimo Z who last year won Bronze at the European Championships Zuidwolde for Juniors with young talented rider Thibeau Spits, Cacacha van het Schaeck (Max Sebrechts), Celine van de Wolfsakker (Melissa Vanzini),  Be cute van de Wolfsakker Z (Sam Polleunis), Sea Coast B 52 F Z (Gudrun Patteet), Elize (Aymeric de Ponnat), Camako s boy JW (Tomasz Olszewski) Sea Coast Monalisa van ‘t Paradijs (Gudrun Patteet), Beijing Z (Frederic Vernaet/Cedrik Deknudt), Chica De Muze (Geoffrey Cobbaut/Caroline Jouan), and Capiche ter Elzen (Sven Van Dijck), and the recently sold Brunello di Fer (Hanne Mertens) and so many more! It’s just another outstanding combination out of the Optima Breeding!

25-03-2020 (Birth date) 21% (VAT) Belgium - Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Location)

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05:01:52      Emerald out of 160 jumper Ice Baby €7500
05:01:23      Overall winner Jikke by legendary Baloubet €8500
05:01:17      Only 160 jumpers in a row and WBFSH nr 1! €12000
05:01:49      Only 160 jumpers in a row and WBFSH nr 1! €11000
01:01:35      Olympic Sapphire and Emerald €8000
23:01:43      Darco son and fullsister Corofino €10000
20:01:49      Full brother/sister to Admara 2 €12000
19:01:23      Quick star and European Silver Cella! €10000
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