Great succes ET Auction for Charity!


An eventful year end with a nice touch, none less than 3.850 euros is raised fort he organization of Drive Up Safety!
The package around Glasgow van’t Merelsnest and Jur Vrieling was sold for 1.700 euros, the artwork from the hand of Peder Fredricson for 750 euros and the package around Mclain Ward and Sapphire for 1.400 euros. It’s no coincidence that the ultimate buyers are from Belgium, the emotional value of these lots, built around the loss of our friend, colleague… Björn earlier this year, was in our homeland much greater than anywhere else.
ET Auction is extremely grateful to everyone who made this initiative possible; the international toppers Jur Vrieling, Peder Fredricson and Mclain Ward, VDL Stud and Blue Chip Farms!
We wish everyone a nice end-of-year and we look forward to the upcoming Winter Edition, from 18th to 22nd of January.


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