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Mid-August, the Belgian Championship Young Horses in Gesves, the place where every breeder, trader and equestrian enthusiast must be. This is again the location for our 2nd Mixed Summer Edition where we present an excellent collection of embryos and young horses. This collection will be auctioned online from August 9th to August 14th on
The team around ET Auction has recently expanded, what is more fun than achieving something driven by friendship and a shared passion. All building on the solid foundation of our beloved Björn Van Bunder.
Beautiful sales results and references to all corners of the world prove the strength of ET Auction as a unique trading platform.
We are always looking for interestingly bred embryos and young (2 and 3 year old) talents. You can simply register via with the necessary information about the embryo and / or young horse.


Nov 05

Belgian Youngster Trials Edition

Collection online! 18 months, 2- and 3-year-old horses from the best breeding region in the world !
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Oct 23

Coming up: Belgian Youngster Trial Edition

The first edition of the the Belgian Youngster Trials Auction ahead!
»

Oct 17

Auction topper Dutch Eventing Edition to the USA

Happy faces at the Dutch Eventing Stables committee after their first successful auction! Next on: BYT Edition!
»

Sep 25

Coming up: Dutch Eventing Edition and Belgian Youngster Trials Edition

Exiting weeks ahead, with both the first edition of the Dutch Eventing Auction and the Belgian Youngster ...
»

Sep 06

Dutch Eventing Edition !

Olympic Eventing Foal and Embryo Collection online end of September. Online Auction from 12th to 15th of October.
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