Jappeloupe Z

VDL Groep Jos van d'Abdijhoeve x Boris van het Kluizebos ( Irietta du Cache-pot )

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VDL Groep Jos van d'Abdijhoeve

Cooper vd Heffinck Caretino Caletto II
Erle Landlord
Excelente van d'Abdijhoeve Diamant de Semilly Le Tot de Semilly
Venise des Cresles
Vanite vd Heffinck Clinton
Quintana van den Bosrand

Irietta du Cache-pot

Boris van het Kluizebos Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Chanel Carthago Z
Urte I
Saraceen Burggraaf Landgraf I
Iverskaya Caruso

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Prix de réserve: €6000

SEX:                   Gelding       

BORN:                2017

SIZE:                 168 cm


Just like his dad, the complete package! 



Like the name says, you can expect a lot from him! He is a beautiful brown gelding who knows how to produce power and how to perform in the best possible way. He has a strong hindleg and was  really careful during his presentation. 



By the promising Jos, combined with Boris vh Kluizebos and the good old Holstein approved Burggraaf



Jappeloup’s damline doesn’t goes back far. But what does it say? He shows the quality every rider is looking for. A great balanced canter, good looking and careful. Maybe we can say he inhered some of these qualities from 3th dam Iverskaya, she was dam of Lannoo (Ali Wolff) and Vasili (Raquel Alvarez Del Ama) they both performed respectively on a 160 and 145 level. Jappeloup’s halfbrother by Quinn vd Heffinck is currently under the saddle of Stieven van Bunder and performing on a 140 level.



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10-04-2017 (Date de naissance) NO VAT (TVA) Meerdonk - Belgium (Lieu)

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