Sapphire and WBFSH nr 1!

Chacco-Blue x Darco ( Walentina van't Merelsnest )

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Chambertin Cambridge Caletto I
Desiree VII Cor de la Bryere
Contara Contender Calypso II
Godahra II Godavari xx
Dahra 2

Walentina van't Merelsnest

Darco Lugano van la Roche Lugano I
Ocoucha Codex
Chiquita Cardinal xx Off Key xx
Chevalier's Star xx
Jugendnixe Julius Caesar xx

Embryo is pregnant in the carrier mare, the carrier mare is located in Kapellen and the expected birth of date is 07-04-2021 

Mother line

dam Walentina is bred by Ludo Philippaerts once in a lifetime horse, Darco! Walentina is a half-sister to Idjaz-C, who is on her turn the dam of McClain Ward’s one-million-dollar horse, Sapphire! They both succeeded in a gold medal during Beijing team competition and got an endless amount of victories during the years. And there is more to discover out of Idjaz, Qarco van ’t Merelsnest is a darco stallion who jumped 160 with Robin Sweely and also Wendelina van ’t Merelsnest, the full sister of Sapphire who jumped 150 and is now dam to several sport horses such as the approved stallions Edjaz van ’t Merelsnest and Koblenz-W van ’t Merelsnest and probably the most famous one, VDL Glasgow van ’t Merelsnest! The Nabab de Reve son of Jur Vrieling! More to name are Karaat van ’t Merelsnest and Domina van ’t Merelsnest, they all performed up to 145. Another half-sister to Sapphire is Maureen van ’t Merelsnest, she performed herself on a 150 level and is dam to Mr. Harrison (Darco) who jumps 145 and the approved stallion Je Reve van ’t Merelsnest. Dam of this embryo, Walentina is on her turn the base of several international performers such as Bolero 111 (Carmen Novion) and La Luna de Mauretus (Jan v Dyck) they jumped up to 155 and 145.


Father line

Today an auction without a Chacco-blue is almost unthinkable… and yes, we can offer more than one! And what kind of?! Chacco blue himself doesn’t need any more introduction… if you look at the results now a day, for sure you’ll find a Chacco-blue in the top of the list! Ben Maher’s Explosion W showed off his jumping quality during the last European Championships in Rotterdam ending second with only one fault during the whole week. But it wasn’t the only Chacco-blue there… Chaclot (Riccardo Pisani) the amazing jumping Chablou ( Luka Zaloznik), Lyonal D (Frank Schuttert), Jet Run (Sergio Alvarez Moya), Chaplin (Dan Kremer), Coleur Blue (Matthias Raisch) but also the well-known Calisto Blue or Chacco kid are just a few to name! 


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07-04-2021 (Geboortedatum) NO VAT (BTW) Belgium - Kapellen (Locatie)

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