Tygo MD

Prestige van het Kluizebos x Va-Vite ( Lenette DW )

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Prestige van het Kluizebos

Halifax van het Kluizebos Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Dalida vd Heffinck Fetiche du Pas
Ovanna van de Heffinck
Ms Franziska Corrado I Cor de la Bryere
Urte I Masetto

Lenette DW

Va-Vite Heartbreaker Nimmerdor
Rapsody Clinton
Enette DW Clinton Corrado I
Urte I
Quinette van't Schorre Feinschnitt I vd Richter
Winette vd Heffinck

Verkoopprijs: €7500

Verkocht naar: Belgiƫ

SEX:                Stallion

BORN:             2019

SIZE:                160


Great stallion prospect with proven dam line genetics



This only 2 year old stallion is very mature for his age. Although he is in his body sporty-looking, he knows how to use it in the right way. A relax walk, a great trot and a good canter. The moment he start jumping, is the moment he start to show off. He flies like a butterfly through the arena and showed us time after time that he inherited the right genetics from his parents. Always with his ears pointed forward, clearing the fences time after time. He’ll be a pleasure to have for the future! 



By the promising Halifax vh Kluizenbos-son,Prestige van het Kluizebos and Va-Vite out of the famous Winette vd Heffinck dam line


Dam line

Second dam of Tygo is Enette DW, the full sister of the 150 performer Waiki van het Kluizenbos. The Clinton mare who jumped under the saddle of Dirk Demeersman. Enette herself is also dam of the 145 jumper named LG Inette, who is jumping with the Italian Alessandra Guidi. 

And what more to find in this outstanding dam line? The famous Winnette vd heffinck. Who produced several international top sport horses! Former Nr 1 in the world, Halifax is probably the most known one but there are more! Waikiki van ‘t Kluizebos, Versace vd heffinck, Grand cru vd vijf Eiken, Baileys vd Vijf Eiken, Crement vd heffinck, Upsilon vd Heffinck, Quel homme vd Heffinck are just a few to name! Quinette herself is a nice and big mare who can earn her stripes in sport as in breeding. She jumped like her father For Pleasure but still knew how to perform! This could be your beginning of something very special!

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