Harthago, Pepper and for charity!

Dec 29

PROUD: 54.000 euro for our auction topper Harthago and 2.384 euro raised for our Charity Program!
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New Year Young Horse Edition: PART ONE

Dec 27

Young horses sold around the world! Tomorrow part two with the horses under the saddle and our Charity Program
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Collection online: from young talent to Finalist World Championship

Dec 10

From Young talent to World Championship finalist !   The title summarizes it all, our New Year Young Horse ...
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New Year Young Horse Edition coming up

Dec 04

Excellent collection of 2, 3, 4 and 5 year old horses, famous pedigrees guaranteed!
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First Belgian Youngster Trials Edition

Nov 13

Auction topper Passionata van Perschroeven will stay in Belgium, congrats to the buyers Spits BVBA and MVG Stables!
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Belgian Youngster Trials Edition

Nov 05

Collection online! 18 months, 2- and 3-year-old horses from the best breeding region in the world !
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Coming up: Belgian Youngster Trial Edition

Oct 23

The first edition of the the Belgian Youngster Trials Auction ahead!
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Auction topper Dutch Eventing Edition to the USA

Oct 17

Happy faces at the Dutch Eventing Stables committee after their first successful auction! Next on: BYT Edition!
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Coming up: Dutch Eventing Edition and Belgian Youngster Trials Edition

Sep 25

Exiting weeks ahead, with both the first edition of the Dutch Eventing Auction and the Belgian Youngster ...
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Dutch Eventing Edition !

Sep 06

Olympic Eventing Foal and Embryo Collection online end of September. Online Auction from 12th to 15th of October.
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Very successful Mixed Summer Edition!

Aug 15

After the successful first part of the Mixed Summer Edition, where the young horses went under the virtual hammer, ...
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Full brother/sister Nino des Buissonnets to the USA!

Aug 14

26.000 euros for the auction topper of the Embryo Collection!
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Young horses sold around the world!

Aug 13

Qerbi van't Ruytershof auction topper 26.000 euros goes to Morocco!
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Mixed Summer Collection ONLINE!

Jul 30

The Mixed Summer Edition is there to amaze you, 13 exceptional embryos and 19 strictly selected 2 and 3 year old ...
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Praised for its quality, driven by friendship and passion

Jun 28

Mid-August, the Belgian Championship Young Horses in Gesves, the place where every breeder, trader and equestrian ...
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Auction topper goes to the USA

Apr 16

Son of Cornet Obolensky (Cupido van't Ooievaarsnest Z) steals the show (26.000 euros).
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Final hours of the Young Horse Auction !

Apr 16

Current top price for Cupido van t Ooievaarsnest Z (v. Cornet Obolensky)! A unique young horse collection, praised by..
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The bidding is open!

Apr 13

Talented jumpers sired by Cornet Obolensky, Balou du Rouet, Vigo d Arsouilles, Zirroco Blue, Diamant de Semilly, Cicero
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Great perfomances of our Youngster at the Presentation !

Apr 11

Monday evening during the final Presentation of the ET Auction Young Horse Collection, the horses to be auctioned ...
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All top sires represented! Belgian dam lines take the lead!

Apr 03

Without a doubt you have already noticed our current Young Horse Edition. A nice collection of 2 and 3 year old jumpers, ...
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Young Horse Edition 2018 - NOW ONLINE !

Mar 28

We are delighted to have gathered a very various collection of 2 and 3 year old horses. Sired by all current top sires!
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Young Horse Edition coming up!

Mar 23

Top talent jumpers! In auction from 13 tot 16 April!
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Mar 19

Top price for the half brother or sister to Emerald: 43.000 euros!
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Mar 15

From today you can make your bid via, until Saturday March 17 you can bid without any auction fee!
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Mar 14

Our Spring Embryo Collection keeps amazing the world!
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Spring Embryo Edition - Now Online

Feb 26

Collection of 14 embryos and some of the last semen of legendary Darco!
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8500 euros for Waregem Draaft! Check what's coming up next!

Feb 15

 Spring Embryo Collection and Young Horse Edition are waiting...
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Win for Vulcain de Vandel, offspring of Prodigious going hard!

Feb 12

Last Friday, Vulcain de Vandel won a heavily occupied Quarte+ ren in Cagnes-sur-Mer with his trainer Benjamin Goetz. ...
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Trotter semen for the benefit of Waregem Draaft VZW

Jan 25

Supported by three giants of the French trotting world, we are proud to present you several breedings of their top st ..
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Top price for the Catoki combination with WEG mare Amaryllis!

Jan 22

We want to thank everyone who was involved in the ET Auction Winter Edition. It was an exciting evening with a nice...
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Auction open!

Jan 18

From 18th to 22nd of January! Come and visit us at the BWP Approvals this weekend!
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The best of the world, made in Belgium

Jan 05

Come and visit us during the BWP Stallion Approvals from 18 tot 20 January in Lier!
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04/2024    Spring Young Horse & Broodmare Edition

Embryos all over the world

  • London - Gerco Schröder

  • Mylord Carthago - Pénélope Leprévost

  • Walnut de Muze - Harrie Smolders

  • Ayade de Septon Kevin Staut

  • Cella - Ben Maher

  • Cornet Obolensky - Marco Kutscher

  • Fair Light van 't Heike - Alberto Zorzi

  • Fantomas de Muze - Karline De Brabander

  • Golden Hawk - Shane Breen

  • Gancia de Muze - Niels Bruynseels

  • Glasgow Van 't Merelsnest - Jur Vrieling

  • Go Easy de Muze - Darragh Kenny

  • Itot du Chateau - Edwina Tops-Alexander

  • Vagabond de la Pomme - Pénélope Leprévost

  • Espoir - Pieter Devos

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