No better advertising than your references who excel !

Dec 23

Last year we had 5 horses presented in our New Year Young Horse Collection under the saddle: Harthago van’t Bellehof, Ov
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Dec 17

A spectacular collection of young talent who all meet our well-known ET Auction requirements: starting from a healthy ..
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Top breeders for top prices

Nov 25

Top breeders for top prices! Top prices of this Belgian Youngster Trials Edition for Quitana 'ter Elzen' and Stuart ...
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Collection online: Belgian Youngster Trials Edition

Nov 12

14 talented jumpers selected during the biggest free jump contest in probably the best breeding area in the world
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Dutch Eventing Edition: satisfied initiator and good basis for big plans

Oct 30

Belgian Youngster Trials next up
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Auction OPEN - Dutch Eventing Edition! From Embryo to promising 6 year old horse!

Oct 24

4 Embryos, 12 foals and 6 youngsters who are ready to find there new Eventing passionate.
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Young Horse Collection DES ONLINE

Oct 21

In addition to the selected foals and top-quality embryos, the online auction of eventing horses through ET Auction ...
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Second Dutch Eventing Edition coming up

Oct 03

No time to relax ... this time through our partner Dutch Eventing Stables we provide our eventing enthusiasts with...
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New record in the World Champion Edition!

Sep 23

Half brothers/sisters of Emerald and Kerswin van't Roosakker, both by Chacco Blue, for 52.000 euros and 36.000 euros!
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Follow in the footsteps of tomorrow's champions! Auction open!

Sep 19

World Champion level: Comilfo Plus Z, Kerswin van’t Roosakker, Emerald, Dominator 2000 Z, Foncetti vd Heffi...
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Great Mixed Summer Edition, next to come WORLD CHAMPION Edition!

Aug 22

A very successful Mixed Summer Edition behind us and the first edition of the World Champion Edition in front of ...
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Quandor vd Heffinck top price Young Horse Collection

Aug 16

What an exciting evening... Started with some difficulties ended in beauty!
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Mixed Summer Collection ONLINE

Aug 01

A spectacular collection of young talent who all meet our well-known ET Auction requirements
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Mixed Summer Edition coming up!

Jun 20

Back on track after a short Spring Break - Mixed Summer Edition Coming up! Online Auction during the Belgian Championshi
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Spring Embryo Edition ONLINE!

Mar 01

NO AUCTION COSTS (7,5%) for bids until Sunday night (17-03-2019) 12 p.m. and 500 kg HORSE FEED for every buyer !
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ET Auction strikes again: Chacco Blue and Kashmir for 22.000 euros !

Jan 21

Top prices and realistic average for the Winter Embryo Edition.
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Half-brother or sister to Belgium Champion Kannabis vd Buxctale and Belgium’s Horse Of the Year Sea Coast Pebbles Z

Jan 03

Start 2019 with a stunner? Certainly with ET Auction! The reputated mothers of Belgium Champion Kannabis vd Buxctale ...
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07/2024    Summer Foal & Young Horse Edition

Embryos all over the world

  • London - Gerco Schröder

  • Mylord Carthago - Pénélope Leprévost

  • Walnut de Muze - Harrie Smolders

  • Ayade de Septon Kevin Staut

  • Cella - Ben Maher

  • Cornet Obolensky - Marco Kutscher

  • Fair Light van 't Heike - Alberto Zorzi

  • Fantomas de Muze - Karline De Brabander

  • Golden Hawk - Shane Breen

  • Gancia de Muze - Niels Bruynseels

  • Glasgow Van 't Merelsnest - Jur Vrieling

  • Go Easy de Muze - Darragh Kenny

  • Itot du Chateau - Edwina Tops-Alexander

  • Vagabond de la Pomme - Pénélope Leprévost

  • Espoir - Pieter Devos

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